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What is Social Media E-Commerce?

Posted by: Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM I get a lot of questions about what is on the horizon for social media e-commerce. Here is a quick Q&A regarding the basics of social media e-commerce. If you have additional questions, please post via the comments….


Pinterest Releases New Analytics for Marketers

By Justin McLaughlin, intern at JSMM Popular social media platform Pinterest has released a new analytical tool for measuring activity on its channel. While users were previously able to analyze their traffic via third party analytical tools, this information is now available directly from Pinterest….


How to Promote YouTube Videos On Pinterest

By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM and VBM Research from TechCrunch suggests that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. An increasing number of businesses are utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs and other media sources. In particular, the value of…


Thank you Gus Wagner of for Interviewing Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing and Viral Bolt Media, for Her Business Success

Posted by Micah Pratt, president of JSMM, a business entrepreneur website, featuring top executives, professionals and companies, recently interviewed Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM and VBM. Here is the interview. Valerie Jennings – Jennings Social Media Marketing Gus: How have you managed to launch…