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Scary Good Tricks & Treats for Social Media

Whether it’s for a professional service or a retailer, creating a great Halloween theme for a brand starts with imagination. But first you need to figure out how to connect your business to the spookiest holiday of the year without scaring your customers. Here are…


How to Differentiate Your Brand with Video & Build Trust

The modern marketplace is one in which virtually anyone can start a business and thrive. While this offers incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs, it has also created over-saturated industries. In order to stand out from a sea of competitors, brands must utilize intelligent tactics. And with…


JSMM+VBM Announces Live Stream Video Launch

JSMM+VBM launched a Facebook Live Stream Video promotion for an upcoming Live Stream. Interns at the agency began testing digital marketing products this summer and making recommendations for strategic implementation for specific clients. Over the past several years, we have seen the rise of multiple…