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5 Tips to Maximize Revenue From Your Landing Pages

Posted By: Kerry Phouthavong For some businesses, it might be difficult to seek out solutions as to why they aren’t generating as much revenue as they expected. Author and consultant Mikal Belicove, from produced a helpful video which offers tips that can maximize revenue…


Where Twitter Trending Topics Really Come From

Posted by: Kerry Phouthavong Trending topics on Twitter can assist marketers or business owners in targeting a certain audience about a particular subject. In a recent article by Ben Parr from, he explains how HP’s Social Computing Research Group’s study on trending topics helped…


8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Twitter

Posted By: Kerry Phouthavong In a recent article written by Scott Gerber, on, he analyzes if business owners are using social networking sites in a way that is beneficial. Gerber asks a panel of entrepreneurs how business owners can best utilize Twitter to their advantage….


Jennings Social Media Marketing Press Release: Social Media Marketing Entrepreneur Valerie Jennings Named Friday Girl TV’s 2011 Woman 2 Watch Posted on Yahoo!, &

Posted by: Jamie Sutera, VP of R&D Jennings Social Media Marketing press release regarding Valerie Jennings’ recognition as one of Friday Girl TV’s 2011 Women 2 Watch was recently posted on Yahoo! , and The article reviews Jennings as a change agent, entrepreneur,…


The 5 W’s of Twitter Marketing

Posted by: Jamie Sutera, VP of R&D, Jennings Now that many social networking sites have evolved, Twitter is capturing interest. A recent article, written by Eric Tsai from,  explains the 5 W’s and 1 H of Twitter. These tools will help businesses know why…


New Social Media Business Trends for 2011

Posted By: Jamie Sutera, VP of R&D, Jennings Social Media Marketing Social Media is an important aspect to many businesses. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogs etc., are among the most popular ways to communicate and network. Business owners everywhere are utilizing social media in order…