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How Storytelling in Ads is Winning Over a Generation

The Marketing world is always changing to adapt to the evolving tastes of consumers. The days of in-your-face selling and boisterous advertising is a thing of the past. Brand storytelling is fundamentally changing the marketing landscape. From Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaign to Amazon Prime’s “Lion…


Geofencing: Decreasing Audience to Increase Sales

Geofencing is an advertising and marketing tactic that is being used to create extremely specific target audiences. This tactic may limit the amount of people that see an ad, but the people that do interact with it are much more likely to make purchases, producing…


A Brief Look into Life as an Intern at JSMM+VBM

Interns at JSMM+VBM go through a rigorous onboarding and educational program to help facilitate resume building skills. The unique model offers interns the opportunity to learn various tactics from reputation management to social media. Christina Blanchard, summer 2016 intern, explained that interns are responsible for…