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How to Monetize Facebook Live Video

Mobile video has been a gift to brands that seems to keep on giving, commanding both user attention and engagement. By going “live,” brands have the chance to share their culture and story in the most organic way possible. Additionally, by utilizing live-streaming videos, brands…


JSMM+VBM Announces Live Stream Video Launch

JSMM+VBM launched a Facebook Live Stream Video promotion for an upcoming Live Stream. Interns at the agency began testing digital marketing products this summer and making recommendations for strategic implementation for specific clients. Over the past several years, we have seen the rise of multiple…


Digital Agency Touts Visual Storytelling in 2016; Unveils Creative & Video Demo Reels

2016 will be the year of visual storytelling. VBM, sister agency to JSMM, is focusing its staff and resources on visual mediums, such as video and creative imagery to use across social media, digital ads, PR outreach and more. As Instagram rises in popularity and…


What is Social Media E-Commerce?

Posted by: Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM I get a lot of questions about what is on the horizon for social media e-commerce. Here is a quick Q&A regarding the basics of social media e-commerce. If you have additional questions, please post via the comments….