tech overview video

Tech Overview Video

Convergent, LLC, a software company specializing in organizational change, was founded to help businesses improve their culture and increase employee productivity. We produced an overview video which introduces the company and its services to potential clients.

tech animated explainer feature image

Tech Animated Explainer Video

Convergent, LLC, an organizational change software company, was founded to help businesses improve their culture and increase employee productivity. We produced an animated explainer video to help their sales and marketing teams explain how the company supports organizations with change management.


Animated Online Banking Explainer

Bank of Blue Valley’s Blue Wave allows customers to have access to their bank accounts 24/7. Our agency produced an animated explainer video to help Bank of Blue Valley representatives detail to potential and existing customers the features available on the bank’s website and how…

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Animated Bank App Explainer

Bank of Blue Valley added a mobile depositing feature to their mobile banking app. The feature allows their customers to easily deposit checks into their account without having to take time out of their busy day to run to the bank. Our agency produced an…


Managed Services Animated Explainer

MDL Technology, LLC, a Kansas City-based IT and managed services company, provides 24/7 technical support to area businesses. To help promote their products and services, our agency produced an animated video, detailing MDL’s custom-tailored CRM solutions for online auto auctions. Their customized solutions offer inventory…


Animated History Video

NJR Home Services is an environmentally safe contractor and a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources.  The company provides heating, air conditioning and water heating services to its customers. Our agency produced an animated video about the company’s history and insight into where the company was…


Direct Sales Documentary Video

For the Second Largest ADT Authorized Dealer in the country, we produced a documentary-style video to showcase the company’s culture. The video features a “day-in-the-life” for employees who work there. The video also shine a light on the company’s positive work environment and competitive culture.


Solar Animated Explainer Video

Our agency produced an animated explainer video, highlighting how solar works for customers. The video utilized animation art, music and other creative works to explain the cost-effectiveness of solar energy and its benefits to customers.